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Alight Motion is a popular alight motion video editing available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features for creating and editing videos. Here are the basic steps to get started with video editing in Alight Motion:

  1. Install Alight Motion: First, make sure you have the alight motion video editingon your device. You can download it from your device’s app store.
  2. Create a New Project:
  • Open Alight Motion.
  • Tap on “Create New Project” or a similar option.
  • Choose your preferred aspect ratio and resolution for your project (e.g., 16:9 for standard videos).
  1. Import Media:
  • Tap on the “+” or “Import” button to add media to your project.
  • Select the video clips and images you want to include in your project.
  1. Timeline:
  • Your imported media will appear on the timeline at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can rearrange, trim, and adjust the duration of your clips by dragging and resizing them on the timeline.
  1. Add Effects:
  • Alight Motion offers various effects, including filters, transitions, and visual effects.
  • Tap on a clip to select it, then use the “Effects” or “Filters” options to apply effects.
  1. Text and Titles:
  • To add text, tap on the “Text” or “Titles” option and enter your text.
  • You can customize the font, size, color, and animation of the text.
  1. Transitions:
  • To add transitions between clips, tap on the “Transition” option and select the type of transition you want.
  1. Audio:
  • You can add background music or voiceovers by tapping on the “Audio” option.
  • Adjust the volume, trim audio, and apply fades as needed.
  1. Adjustments:
  • Use the “Adjust” option to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of your clips.
  1. Keyframes:
    • Alight Motion allows you to create keyframes for animation and motion effects. Tap on the “Keyframes” option to create and edit keyframes for specific properties of your clips.
  2. Export:
    • Once you’re satisfied with your video, tap the “Export” or “Save” option.
    • Choose the export settings such as resolution, quality, and format.
    • After configuring the export settings, tap “Export” to create your final video.
  3. Save and Share:
    • After rendering your video, you can save it to your device.
    • Share your video on social media, messaging apps, or any other platform you prefer.

These are the basic steps for video editing in Alight Motion. Remember that Alight Motion provides various advanced features for creating complex animations and motion graphics,

so feel free to explore and experiment with the app to take full advantage of its capabilities.

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