Navrati hit status editing alight motion। New video editing 113

Certainly! If you want to create a Navratri-themed video using Alight Motion, you can follow these steps for video editing and add some text with a “hit status” to your video. Here’s a basic guide:

  1. Install Alight Motion:
  • If you haven’t already, download and install the Alight Motion app on your mobile device from your respective app store.
  1. Gather Your Media:
  • Collect the videos, images, or other media you want to use in your Navratri video. These can be images or clips related to Navratri.
  1. Create a New Project:
  • Open Alight Motion and create a new project.
  1. Import Your Media:
  • Add the images and video clips you collected to your project’s timeline.
  1. Edit Your Video:
  • Trim, cut, and arrange your video clips as you want.
  • You can add transitions between clips for a smoother video flow.
  1. Add Text and Status:
  • To create “hit status” text, click on the “Text” option in Alight Motion.
  • Type in the text you want to use as your “hit status.”
  • You can choose various fonts, colors, and styles for your text to make it visually appealing. Make sure it fits the Navratri theme.
  1. Animate Text:
  • You can animate your text by adding keyframes. For example, you can make the text fade in or out, move around, or change in size.
  • You can use Alight Motion’s animation features to give your text that extra flair.
  1. Add Effects and Filters:
  • You can enhance your video by adding effects and filters. This can help create a festive atmosphere for your Navratri video.
  1. Add Music:
  • If desired, you can also add Navratri-themed music to your video. Alight Motion allows you to import audio tracks and synchronize them with your video.
  1. Preview and Export:
    • Preview your video to ensure everything looks as you want.
    • Once you’re satisfied, export your video in the desired format and quality settings.
  2. Share Your Video:
    • You can share your Navratri video on social media platforms or with your friends and family.

Remember to be creative and have fun with your video editing, and make sure it captures the festive spirit of Navratri.

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